BeatMapper Tools
Workflow Tools to Help Beat Saber Mappers

This tool is for Mediocre Mapper (MM) users that want a turn key way of play testing WIP (Work in Progress) maps without the chore of manual conversion, folder copying, packing, etc.

It uses tried and true songe-converter from lolPants to do the actual conversion while performing a number of tasks you would normally have to do manually. There is also functionality for quickly packing up your maps for uploading. This strips out all the extra stuff that might be left over from your map making – and easily provides you with a file ready to share.

Song Screen

Mediocre Mapper uses a “WIP Songes” folder to hold all your in-progress mapping creations.  This folder is your map's source files - containing data files, images and a music file.

Song Screen

Since MM is still using the “old” song format for Beat Saber, you would have to either convert the map manually or put it into a special Beat Saber folder – which then gets converted next time you run Beat Saber. This also removes all your “CustomLevels” you may have – moving them to some oddly named folder.

"Song Syncer" requires a special set up each time you want to edit a map; using the command line.  It does the job - provided you're editing just one map at a time; but this doesn't help Oculus Quest mappers - and it doesn't assist you in packing and deploying your map to the community. 

This tool automates the real-time conversion of all your maps after one simple set up - whether you're a Rift user, a Vive user or a Quest user.

Auto Convert Maps On The Fly

Once you set your Beat Saber game folder and your Custom WIP song folder, you need only run this tool and let it sit there while you work.

While running it is watching your ENTIRE WIP folder for changes; not just the map you’re working on.

When you make changes using MM, the files inside your custom song folder change – triggering this tool into action. When a change is found, it copies the custom song that was changed into a temporary folder, then runs lolpants’ Songe Converter over it.

NEW: Quest users can also get in on the fun of auto conversion using BeatOn's integration with BeatMapper Tools.  Fully automated deployment to your Quest headset - every time you save.

Deploys Converted Maps Safely

If you use the conversion system built into Beat Saber (aka the CustomSongs folder), it will disable all your custom maps in favor of the one(s) it converts.

This tool uses Beat Saber Song Mod's own CUSTOMWIPLEVELS which leaves your favorite custom songs alone and separates your own WIP maps in the interface - making it even easier to test. 

NEW: Should Beat Saber release a new version that breaks mods temporarily - you can use a fall back feature within the application.

Packs Maps for Distribution

It is easy to make mistakes when packing your finished maps for uploading to's website; especially if you're a new mapper.

This tool takes the guess work out of the packing process, making sure you have a perfect zip file every time without any extra assets or embedded folders.

Once packed, it will open the web site for you to upload (it even copies the Artist - Title to your clipboard; just paste it into the first field).

After you're done, you can even let BeatMapper Tools "finalize" the song for you; moving it out of your converted WIP folder and putting it with the rest of your custom maps so you're ready to play competitively.

Other Fun Workflow Enhancements

  • Automatically launch MM when you start BeatMapper Tools
  • Open your song's OGG file in Audacity for a quick touch up.
  • Offers to open after done packing - after all, you want to share, right?
  • Once packed, BeatMapper Tools will offer to clean up the WIP song folder and move it to your Custom Levels.
  • Override File feature to fix some bugs in Mediocre Mapper (see Download page).
  • One button clean out of your Custom WIP Levels folder.
  • NEW: Deploy a copy to another location each save (perfect for folks working on a laptop and desktop) - or use this feature to create full incremental backups for you.